Los cuadernos y blocks estan hechos con remanentes de empapelados vintage es por eso que algunos pueden tener pequeñas irregularidades, es parte de su encanto. Estan disponibles en cantidades limitadas pero con manufactura industrial. Los nuevos cuadernos de notas y recetarios se consiguen también castillo: gurruchaga 1683 palermo viejo.
Rebecca de soysolindo.com publica este comentario en su blog! ( gracias) Like most good trends, Mono notebooks are inspired by what’s happening on the streets. In this case, it’s quite literal; Argentina is, after all, a country where cartoneros rummage through piles of trash looking for hidden treasures and flea markets fill up leafy plazas on the weekend. The notebooks (called “blocks” in Spanish) recycle vintage wallpaper, using the cute and kitschy patterns as covers. Because of the limited supply and seasonal design changes, each notebook is basically a one-of-a-kind. And although they may have once coated the walls of some ancient Argentine’s kitchen, the wallpaper isn’t straight out of Aunt Edna’s living room. Instead, the designs are simple chic, with flowers and basic patterns in a palate of neutrals. The upcoming spring collection is slated to include bags, mobiles, and toys, in addition to the three different sized notebooks (shown belowa). And at $25-35 pesos, the notebooks are perfect gifts for that hard-to-buy-for friend. You can find Mono blocks at several hip Palermo boutiques, like soy so lindo favorites Felix and Kukla, as well as Net, Mundo, La Prometida, Pesqueria, and Objetos Encontradas, to name a few. If you’re still not sold, just think of Mono block ownership as an act of environmental activism akin to driving a Prius or using a canvas bag; it hits the coveted trifecta of being hip, stylish, and eco-conscious.–REBECCA
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